The introduction of new technologies frequently requires additional resources in a company. A new design needs to be developed and verified. New features need to be tested for stability and functionality. Last but not least, a thorough documentation and configuration templates need to be drawn up and the interface, for an automated process, needs to be created. External support can deliver a substantial value-add during the initial phase, due to their extensive experience in this field.

A short excerpt from our list of projects – Technological Consultancy

Service Provider and Public Sector Institutions
Deployment of IPv6 communication infrastructures
Integration of voice and video solutions
Optimizing the high availability of a VRF-based backbone infrastructure
SINA integration into a dynamic 6VPE solution and introduction of an adjusted QoS concept
Virtualization based on VMware ESXi and Cisco UCS
WAN optimization with Cisco WAAS and AppNav
Conceptual design and setting up of a mobile and readily deployable communications infrastructure
Network segregation and introduction of security zones for a regional service provider

Loop-free topologies by using vPC and FabricPath
Integration of servers into the Storage Fabric by FCoE
Scale up of band width via 10G and 40G Ethernet
Implementation of Cisco Nexus 5500, 6000, and 7000 into customer data centers
ESXi Cluster with VSAN Storage on Cisco UCS and Nexus 5600
Cloud Service Router and ASAv Cloudnetworking

Introduction of a certificate-based 802.1x authentication in a business LAN for PCs and telephones
Support of the Cisco TrustSec introduction into the company network and data center of a globally active bank

Installation of Cisco VSS Clusters based on Catalyst 4500
Data Center redesign using Cisco UCS and Nexus

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